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"The event held by LDHTSC was superb. It was a great way to network and meet likeminded dental professionals. There were also two reps there who were very helpful; they were happy to answer any questions I had and they provided me with lots of samples! The q&a with Anna was great as we were all able to have a group discussion on various topics relevant to our profession. Dentistry can be an isolating profession, and this event really helped us all to connect. I will definitely be attending the next one!" - Jade

"Excellent evening of networking and socialising. Saw so many old faces and made so many new connections. A great first event and I cannot wait for the next one! If you can attend you should!" - Aisosa

"The LDHTSC was a fantastic chance to meet other like-minded dental care professionals. Talk about products, techniques and why we love doing the job. I am quite isolated in my small village practice, so it was a real treat to see what drives the big players in the big smoke! LDHTSC has helped me identify courses and other events that would like to attend in the future and I'm keen to see everyone again at the next one. Thanks for building a safe space for brushing nerds like me to talk to other gum guys and girls." - George

"It was very nice to meet new people at this event. I will definitely come again as soon as you advertise a new one" - Marija

"Thank you amazing ladies at LDHTSC for setting up this new group. It was such a great way to network with new dental friends and reconnect with others I haven't seen for a while. It was so nice to share ideas and definitely felt like such a supportive space. Can't wait for the next one.

Thank you - 5 stars!" - Ruth

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